We are not responsible for any physical, personal, monetary, or otherwise damage. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

WEATHER: All bookings are weather permitting. In the event of rain, we will do our best to organize a dry picnic by moving to a covered place or moving the event to another day or time. Changes due to weather will not be refunded.

LOCATIONS: Places are generally considered safe when booking, but each has risks and accessibility issues - remember these are public spaces, and we cannot control the terrain, public access, weather, etc. Please let us know before booking. If you need help getting to the picnic spot. Many locations have uneven, difficult-to-access terrain, including steep slopes, stairs, grass, rough paths, sand, rocks, and other obstacles. Locations often change due to natural processes (wind, rain, wave action, etc.). Therefore we cannot guarantee access.

FURNITURE + DECORATION: The customer takes risks related to the use of furniture + decoration items.

RESERVATION + CANCELLATION: After booking, the picnic will not be refunded, but you can move the date of the picnic 48 hours before your current reservation free of charge. In the event of bad weather (heavy rain), we accept a date change even with short notice.

PICNIC DURATION: If you are leaving before 2 hours have passed, we ask that you let us know. With this, we ensure that our goods are secured. You are responsible for any stolen/damaged items during the two-hour time window.
Questions? Suggestions?
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